Voice of the Child Reports

Like most parents you want to do the best for your child or children under difficult circumstances. You want to shield your children from the conflict.  You want to preserve as much stability as possible and present a unified front going forward. 

A voice of the child report may help you.

We start by speaking with all family members

  • A counsellor interviews each parent to hear their concerns
  • We meet with each child age six or older at least twice

When we meet with the children it gives them a chance to talk to an impartial person about the way things are for them, their feelings, their concerns, etc. without fear of hurting one or other of their parent’s feelings.  

Our counsellors’ training in child development and in working with kids of all ages, help us keep the discussions age-appropriate and geared to the needs and worries of an individual child.

In our report, called voice of the child report, we outline the themes that we have heard from the child/children’s perspective.   

The report is an opportunity for you to hear your child or children’s thoughts and concerns, hopes and dreams. The report will help you make decisions going forward that will be best for your child or children.