Family Mediation

Separation or Divorce? Are you struggling to resolve parenting, financial or division of property issues?  Are you finding the court system adversarial and costly? Family mediation can help. It is an effective way to deal with the concerns different family members may be facing – adults and children.

What is a Family Mediator?

A family mediator is a trained, neutral individual who works with the family to help reach agreements that work for everyone. 

Family mediators usually work in three main areas of concern for families in transition -- children, property and finances.

What Happens in Mediation?

Referrals to our practice come from lawyers, doctors, community agencies, other mediators and others.

You can also call yourself (both parents need to call) for an initial intake session.

We then meet with each party individually to discuss your particular concerns and to see whether or not you think mediation may work for you.

The next step is for both parents to attend a session together with the mediator to develop an agenda of issues to be worked on. This is followed by a series of meetings of approximately two hours each to reach a settlement in each of your stated areas of concern.

At the end of mediation a final settlement of understanding is drafted. You both have an opportunity to seek independent legal advice on the agreement you have reached.

Sometimes we involve other specialists to get independent, professional assessments that will bring additional information that may help you reach an agreement that the all family members are happy with.

We also offer additional mediation services to families and family members who have reached an impasse.

For example:

  • Parents and teens needing help to reach an agreement on next steps
  • Large extended families with particularly complex family relationships
  • Senior family members and adult children dealing with decisions such as day-to-day care, living